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Learn entrepreneurship, design-thinking and coding while solving real global problems with young minds around the world!

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The Lumi Journey

Flexible 6 Month Design Thinking Led Online Programme Developed by Experts from Stanford University


Identify and collaborate with fellow luminaries on global Issues and learn the processes on ideation 


Build tangible technology-led innovations to specific problems whilst validating your ideas



Work on a Prototype for  your innovation and test with real users


See your innovation launch with Lumi's full collaborative support


  • 10 participants per quest spanning across the age groups of 10 - 14 & 15 - 17 

  • Expertly moderated weekly online sessions supplemented with guided offline engagement

  • Quest topics aligned to United Nation Sustainable Development Goals

  • Participants learn about a specific global problem, think of innovative ideas and develop them into tangible solutions for local communities

If you would like to see some of the Innovations that have been created through our Lumi Quest process then head on over here

Parent Verdict's

"It was epic. I got to make new friends and I could be free with my ideas"

Luminary, United Kingdom

"This is simply excellent. I don't think I have seen anything quite like Lumi before"

Headmaster, UK

"I love it and all my friends want to join in too..."

Luminary, California USA

"Lumi is wonderful and we would like to make a civic project out of it in our school"

Headmistress, Mexico


Provide your children with the skill's & independence they need to begin shaping their future in a meaningful way



Build a virtual hub which helps the school engage with other Jesuit schools, alumni, parents, and industry in an unprecedented way



Sponsor Quests in less-privileged areas, schools & help support the education of less-fortunate children across the world



"We are on the cusp of the fastest, deepest, most consequential transformation of human civilization in history" - RethinkX, A Global ThinkTank

  • The world is facing huge challenges summed up by 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals 

  • We are not making enough progress

  • We need a different approach, and one that involves the coming generations

Lumi intends to be the platform, which provides children with the skills, opportunities and global network to help change the world for good

Start Innovating Today

Ready to take the next step? You can become a Luminary yourself!

Image by Robert Collins
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