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The Journey So Far

Image by Brett Jordan

Our Genesis

We believe that young people are some of the most creative, talented and innately intelligent humans. Society needs their creativity and more than ever right now to engage and become a part of a global network to tackle the greatest challenges of our times

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Our Vision

Enable young minds to change the world by developing a new interdisciplinary, global & accessible model of education

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Our Goal

Develop 1 million 10 - 17 year old's globally to become changemakers, entrepreneurs and inventors by bringing together schools, universities and industry in an unprecedented way



Calvin Magara

An entrepreneurial and energetic undergraduate at Minverva KGI in San Francisco from Kenya

Founding Facilitator

Former Headmaster of King's College Junior School 


A self confessed budding tech entrepreneur, currently pursuing Computer Sciences at Minerva KGI. San Francisco. from Paraguay

Agustin Perzben



21+ year track record in 5  startups, incl. a $2bn exit. Recognised leader in global Ed-Tech, Ex-McKinsey

A vibrant Computer Science & Eng student at Minerva KGI, San Francisco, from Nigeria

Udodirim Iroaganachi



A highly entrepreneurial and experienced engineer who is currently pursuing a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University College London, from Egypt

Aly El Shefai



An Arts and Science undergraduate student at University College London, from the UK

Hannah Prytherch



An experienced global development practitioner who is currently pursuing masters degree at the Harvard University from Canada & South Korea

Michelle Kim


Leadership Team


Nikhil Raizada

Jr. Co-Founder

Voice of the Young


Helped conceptualise Lumi & developed its first two innovations


21+ year track record in 5  startups, incl. a $2bn exit. Recognised leader in global Ed-Tech, Ex-McKinsey

  • LinkedIn
Prashant Raizada




21+ year track record in 5  startups, incl. a $2bn exit. Recognised leader in global Ed-Tech, Ex-McKinsey


20+ year track record as Tech. leader, ML expert, Ed-Tech entrepreneur

Head of Technology

  • LinkedIn
Savitra Sirohi

Former Headmaster of King's College Junior School 

Dr. Gerard Silverlock

Global Ambassador Head of Schools


  • LinkedIn

Former Headmaster of King's College Junior School 

Pushkar Ingale_edited.png

15+ year track record in design thinking, content development & training

Pushkar Ingale

Head of Content Innovation Process


  • LinkedIn

23+ years as VC, academic, design thinking and innovation expert 

Dr. Christopher Shen

Head of Innovation Curriculum


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What We Stand For


Love as a state of being and for everything we do, with everyone we work with and serve. Love for the planet.


We are current/future leaders committed to serving a culture that pulls diversity and evolves according to the needs of the community and the planet


No negativity or criticism that is not constructive and maintaining this attitude towards each other regardless of our differences at times


Enjoying life and having fun are essential components


Being bold, not afraid to try, experiment, think big and carry an inner strength to speak our ideas and address any differences in opinion or style directly and respectfully with those in question regardless of position or role


We empower each other to thrive

and demonstrate our full potential by being empowered.

We create a culture of autonomy and trust


Safeguarding Statement

Lumi Network believes that participants in our quests have a right to grow in a supportive, caring, and safe environment, which includes the right to protection from abuse and other safeguarding concerns.


Lumi Network is committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of our participants. 


We expect all Lumi Network personnel (administrators, facilitators, experts, volunteer), and invited guests to share this commitment. 


Lumi Network’s standard operational procedures contribute to a safe online ecosystem for our participants, including:

  • Only authorised persons are admitted into our Zoom sessions. Unidentified participants are removed.

  • All Zoom sessions are recorded with explicit consent, and are used for quality and safety control purposes.

  • Facilitators are pre-vetted (identity and security) and recruited from reputable higher educational institutions.

  • Participants are strongly encouraged to communicate exclusively utilising invitation-only and moderated platform established by Lumi Network.


Lumi Network personnel are vigilant for signs of any young person in distress and are confident about applying the appropriate processes to intervene where necessary.

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