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LUMI for Corporations

A virtual platform for intergenerational engagement on critical local or global issues surrounding sustainability

Why Engage with Lumi?

A fundamental reason why businesses care about sustainability so our planet survives and is fit for the coming generation. 


Lumi helps businesses engage with the next generation- giving them agency over the future, to give them a voice, to educate them and also learn from them. This is essential for businesses when developing a sustainability strategy that will succeed long term; we partner with corporations to deliver and realise a premium education service with these core tenants.


How can companies engage with LUMI?

  • Become an anchor annual sponsor in a country or around a specific UNSDG

  • Offer scholarships and internships to Lumi participants

  • Help design and deliver quests by providing expertise, infrastructure and mentors

  • Invest in and/or help develop specific solutions that come out of the Quests

Benefits of Engaging With Luminaries

Any company, anywhere in the world can use the Lumi platform to collaborate with 11 - 17 year old young people via our Quests


They can either sponsor the quests or indeed offer it as a way to help further the skill development of their employees’ children. 


Under expert guidance, children will collaboratively come up with solutions to some of the most important problems facing the company and/or the planet today aligned with 17 sustainable development goals outlined by the United Nations.

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