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LUMI for Schools

Quests to engage students on local or global challenges

A program that is designed complement current curriculum

Rooted in the ambitions of United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, Lumi programs are tailor made to exist side-by-side with the school's academic program.


They can be positioned either an extension to a subject, or a complement to a method. Lumi's Quests are flexible, and may be co-created with schools.


How does LUMI work for schools?

Schools can offer quests to certain year groups as part of their a term, an after-school club or simply a co-curricular activity.    

Participants, up to 10 per quest, will learn about a critical problem facing humanity (based on the UNSDGs) and will be provided the guidance and the tools to come up with their solutions. These solutions range from building an app, a game, a prototype or a chatbot to even a short film. 


LUMI can be offered to your students within a closed ecosystem or as a way to

collaborate with other schools from around the globe.


Selected solutions may also enter a virtual global lab where professional support is made available for further development.

Sporty Teens

Benefits of LUMI for Young Minds & Schools

Interested in bringing LUMI to your school?

Reach out to us by filling out the form or write an email to hello(at)


Safeguarding Statement

Lumi Network believes that participants in our quests have a right to grow in a supportive, caring, and safe environment, which includes the right to protection from abuse and other safeguarding concerns.


Lumi Network is committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of our participants. 


We expect all Lumi Network personnel (administrators, facilitators, experts, volunteer), and invited guests to share this commitment. 


Lumi Network’s standard operational procedures contribute to a safe online ecosystem for our participants, including:

  • Only authorised persons are admitted into our Zoom sessions. Unidentified participants are removed.

  • All Zoom sessions are recorded with explicit consent, and are used for quality and safety control purposes.

  • Facilitators are pre-vetted (identity and security) and recruited from reputable higher educational institutions.

  • Participants are strongly encouraged to communicate exclusively utilising invitation-only and moderated platform established by Lumi Network.


Lumi Network personnel are vigilant for signs of any young person in distress and are confident about applying the appropriate processes to intervene where necessary.

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