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What are LUMI Quests?

Lumi is using the UN SDGs as an umbrella framework to define the greatest challenges facing humanity


The LUMI Journey:

A virtuous circle of development

At Lumi, you can join single or multiple Quests. The choice is yours and you can make it anytime. Once you get selected, the Quest begins with a guide and up to 10 participants who meet virtually daily on Zoom but then have some tasks they need to complete on our platform. Quests are organized by age groups & themes. You can join with friends or alone and make new friends from across the world. Most Quests are in English and last between 3 to 10 days depending on the one you sign up for.


Once you finish a Quest, you can continue to build on your ideas with experts we will find for you and keep collaborating or simply in touch with the friends you make. We will also help you promote your ideas to the world through our own channels and global network. You can then join the next Quest, and the cycle repeats but we may encourage you to take greater challenges as you go along e.g., become a Junior Quest Guide!



Ready to take the next step? Become a Luminary yourself!

High Fives

Meet your Quest Guides

​​Our Quest-Guides are the magic-makers, responsible for making each Lumi experience extraordinary. Participants will have the same Quest Guide through their whole Quest to maximize bonding.


We are continuously working with child development psychologists, teachers, parents, children, and EdTech innovators to build an evolutionary learning platform that can meet the different needs of all young people and empower them to really make a difference in the world.


Life-long learning and relentless growth are a huge part of our program culture as it is in our team’s DNA. We believe that when provided the right conditions, every child can and will find the intrinsic motivation and individual ability to flourish.


Our blend of modern methodologies incorporates a self-directed & blended technology enhanced learning environment where the ‘teacher’ plays more of a guiding or coaching role. This is all underpinned by theories of positive psychology (Martin Selignman), growth mindset (Carol Dweck), action-oriented education focusing on real-world projects (Marc Prensky), and many others. There truly are excellent opportunities in our programs for self-discovery and intellectual development through concrete exploration of the world. 


We understand the importance of young people developing their skills in the areas of effective thinking, effective action, and effective relationships. Therefore, our programs provide every chance for developing self-awareness, emotional intelligence and team-building skills through self-inquiry activities, ice breakers, gamification, and of course, lots of fun!


Don’t hesitate to reach out to find out more!

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